BlazeX Pro Vet Portable X-ray System


Vidisco's BlazeX Pro Vet portable digital X-ray system is the ideal tool for the veterinarian. X-ray inspections of animals are conducted quickly and efficiently in remote locations and under all weather conditions. The system is rugged, the BlazeX Pro Vet panel is drop tested. Highest quality images are available immediately for analysis on site so that the veterinarian can make the right treatment decisions on the spot with full diagnostic confidence. Reliability and dependability is the name of the game, the equipment is field designed so it can function smoothly under tough working conditions.


With Vidisco's BlazeX Pro Vet portable digital X-ray system, the veterinarian can move quickly from patient to patient. The setup is fast and images are generated with a click of a button. Wireless modes simplify the inspection process even more, as images are grabbed using a Bluetooth remote control. A comprehensive database guarantees detailed documentation and a streamlined workflow. Advanced software tools and recording macros enable automatic image enhancement procedures, which help facilitate high quality analysis on site.


BlazeX Pro Vet Technical Configurations*

Rugged Case No X-ray



Rugged case

Chaser case

Default Computer

Standard laptop (rugged laptop optional)


CDU to ICU Cables

50 m cable



Additional imager to an existing system. ICU to imager cable included

BlazeX Pro Vet Technical Specifications**


BlazeX Pro Vet

Imaging Area (mm):

260 X 320 mm (~10.2X12.6”)

Imaging Area Position:

35 mm from bottom 50 mm from sides

Imager Size:

404 X 422 X 22mm (h,w,d) (~15.9X16.6X0.86”)

Imager Weight:

4 Kg (~8.8lbs)

Dynamic Range:

14 bit (16,384 Grey Levels)


3.97 lp/mm

Pixel Pitch:

127 µm

Robust, Field Design:


Battery Operation:

Over 5 hours

Battery Power Level Indication:

ICU & Software

Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:


Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:



Various Plug & Play accessories supported


Advanced proprietary Xbit Pro software for VET operators

* The full system includes: Flat BlazeX Pro Vet panel (DDA) , ICU-X, operating system, ICU to imager cable, AC cables, laptop, I.Box, Xbit Pro proprietary software, backup and definition CDs, complimentary Vidisco Images Viewer, tripod mount, imager holder, shoulder strap, panel cover user manuals CD & quick-start guide in English, 1 year warranty in English. System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications.

** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

*** BlazeX Pro Vet is also available as an additional imager to an existing Vidisco system. As all panels are interchangeable, using with various panels while working with one system is possible.


download PDF brochure

  Brochure is also available in Italian



Setup Images: 

BlazeX Pro Vet in a Rugged Case which Serves as an Operational Platform
BlazeX Pro Vet in a Rugged Case which Serves as an Operational Platform

X-ray Images: 

X-ray Image of a Horse Shoe
X-ray Image of a Horse Shoe
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