Veterinary X-ray Inspection of Equines

Digital X-ray technology assists veterinary practice in diagnosis, treatment procedures and pre-purchase examination. Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems provide instant acquisition, review and evaluation of top-quality images, thus enabling an instant and highly accurate diagnosis. Attending to equines requires highly portable X-ray systems which produce instant images and allow the veterinarian to take corrective actions on the spot.


Equine X-Ray


The large imaging area and excellent resolution (3.97lp/mm) combined with dynamic range of 14 bit all help ensure the veterinarian will achieve the desired image quality and be able to see all the details required for diagnostic excellence. With digital X-ray, images are available immediately on the laptop screen. No scanning, no development time and no chemicals are required. Short time to result is achieved, and the reduced ecological impact is an added benefit. With this highly portable trustworthy equipment, a veterinarian can conduct equine inspection in remote locations and in any weather conditions. Whether on a farm or in a horse sale facility, Vidisco's portable Digital X-ray systems will guarantee the streamlined workflow and inspection quality that horse owner have learned to expect.



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Equine X-ray
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