When inspecting large animals, such as horses, or cows, it is hard to transport the animal itself to an inspection facility. Thus the portability factor is crucial for the equine, zoo or farm veterinarian (all the more so for routine checkups and inspection to ascertain treatment success). Most of the inspections take place outdoors in remote stables and barns, thus the veterinarian needs equipment suitable for field operation.




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A veterinarian needs to be able to evaluate the exact condition of the animal being inspected in order to apply effective treatment and has to be able to know the X-ray inspection history of each animal in detail. Diagnostic excellence and documentation are crucial to the vet’s work. Sometimes animals are brought for special inspections to a specialized facility (e.g. a second opinion about a complicated procedure or preparation for such). In such cases the inspection process needs to be completed with utmost speed and exactness.


Veterinary Imaging

The challenges faced by a veterinarian in the 21st century are various. Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems provide veterinary specialists with a cutting edge inspection solution, helping them in their quest to provide the best level of service and treatment. We know your image does matter.


Veterinary Digital Radiography

Vidisco's digital radiography systems offer a complete solution to several challenges:


The Challenge: Short Imaging Time Enabling Real-Time Treatment and Efficient Intensive Inspection
The Solution

With Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems, images are immediately generated on the screen and analysis can take place during the inspection, facilitating real-time treatment decisions. As the images are immediately available, the veterinarian can ensure the needed results have indeed been achieved, and if not, one can immediately reshoot an image, thus ensuring efficient high quality veterinary service . 


When conducting complex inspections that necessitate more than one X-ray image, the time between images is short. The acquired image is quickly saved on the laptop and a new image can be taken instantly using the same equipment and with minimal setup changes. Image Enhancement Macros enable automatic image enhancement procedures for improved analysis. Even image intensive inspection procedures can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge: Highest Image Quality and Advanced Software for Diagnostic Excellence
The Solution

Veterinarians need great X-ray images in order to practice good medicine. We know your image does matter! Excellent and detailed X-ray imaging can facilitate the detection, diagnosis and treatment.  The digital X-ray images generated by Vidisco’s portable systems are of the highest quality available in the market today. The images have a dynamic range of 14 bits and a resolution of 3.97 lp/mm (127 µm pixel pitch). Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems are a cutting edge diagnostic tool for veterinarians.


The advanced Xbit Pro VET proprietary software that comes with Vidisco’s systems combines high end image enhancement capabilities, with a user friendly interface. Tools such as Adaptive Histogram Equalization and sharpening, all help enhance image quality, which in turn allows for diagnostic accuracy. The images are saved in all the familiar formats including DIACOM, TIFF and JPEG.

The Challenge: Laboratory Integration and Field Use – All in One System
The Solution

The Vidisco portable digital X-ray systems components can be utilized in field and lab inspections, the system components are easily installed in the laboratory - much like bringing a laptop to a docking station in an office. The X-ray image database can be easily shared with various computers and there is no compromise on the images’ quality whether they are acquired in field or lab conditions.

The Challenge: Maximum Portability to Facilitate Inspection at Remote Locations
The Solution

All Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems are field proven. They are designed for outdoor operation in all weather conditions and are fully battery operated for over 5 hours. The systems can also operate while connected to vehicle power source using a DC/AC inverter. Wireless modules allow for simple operation and easy and convenient set up. Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems are packed in a rugged case and can be easily carried to any site, by car or by foot. The casing serves as a working platform and makes inspection in any conditions much more convenient, serving in fact as a portable field X-ray laboratory.

The Challenge: Comprehensive Documentation and History
The Solution

Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems come with the Xbit Pro VET proprietary software, which contains a comprehensive image database. The veterinarian can easily document, store and query the information on the system laptop for future use and sharing. For each inspection; the location, time, conditions, equipment and “patient” details and  software enhancements can be documented. Even a photograph of the inspection scene can be attached to the digital X-ray image. 

The Challenge: Environmental Responsibility
The Solution

Vidisco’s digital X-ray systems are environmentally friendly, because when taking digital images there is no use of film or its related consumables and contaminates. In addition no storage is required for the digital X-ray images other than the database, which is located on the laptop. Thus, the use of digital x-ray has  a relatively small ecological impact.

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