SparX Portable Digital X-ray System


The SparX allows all budget categories to enjoy Vidisco’s superior technology and experience with DR. As a top quality panel system at an affordable price, it not only meets Vidisco’s standards but takes great steps towards user demands including compatibility with 1.6 km WiFi option and with our new rugged tablet.

SparX Technical Configurations*

Rugged Case (STD)




Small rugged case

Small backpack

Chaser case and bag

Default Computer

Standard laptop (rugged laptop optional)

Ruggedized laptop/tablet


CDU to ICU Cables

50m CDU to SparX cable on removable reel

35m CDU to SparX cable on built-in reel



Additional imager to an existing system.

SparX Technical Specifications**



Imaging Area (mm):

320 x 255 mm (~12.8 X 10.2")

Dead space:

Bottom Border: 8.7mm


127 μm (3.9 lp/mm)

Imager Weight:

3.3 Kg (~7.2 lbs)

Dynamic Range:

16 Bit

Imager Size:

385 X 320 X 18 mm (h,w,d) (~15.2 X 12.6 X 0.7 ”)

Pixel Pitch:

127 μm

Robust, Field Design:


Battery Operation:

Over 4 hours

Battery Power Level Indication:

LED Indicator

Lite Backpack (minimal weight operational backpack):

SparX Panel, Tablet with ComBox, Up to 35m Cable, Panel Holder, Wireless Devices, Dual Energy, XR-150/200

Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:


Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:



High Power Wireless (up to 1.5 km line of sight) WiFiX (300m line of sight between operator and down-range) WXR for Wireless Communication between X-Ray and Panel Dual Energy Image with Vidisco’s XR-DE Plus Tripod Mount SparX Slider - Automatic Multiplication of the Imaging Area


Advanced proprietary Xbit software for security operators

All configurations (except Chaser) include: SparX panel, operating system, AC cables, X-ray cable (default: Golden), laptop, I.Box, Xbit proprietary software, backup and definition on USB Stick, complimentary Vidisco Images Viewer, imager holder, user manuals USB Stick & quick-start guide in English, 2 year warranty in English. System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications.



** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

*** SparX is also available as an additional imager to an existing Vidisco system. As all panels are interchangeable, using with various panels while working with one system is possible.



Setup Images: 

SparX Digital X-ray System in Rugged Case
SparX Digital X-ray System in Rugged Case

X-ray Images: 

An X-ray Image Taken with BoltX Shows a Clock IED
An X-ray Image Taken with BoltX Shows a Clock IED



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