What's So Special about Vidisco's ICU?

An interview with Mr. Lior Pick, Vidisco Executive Vice President Responsible for Company R&D

By Rachel Lieberman


The ICU – or the Imager Control Unit – plays a crucial role in the performance of the Vidisco digital portable X-ray panel systems. Lior Pick, Vidisco Executive Vice President who is responsible for R&D, refers to the company’s proprietary ICU as the “heart of all of Vidisco’s cutting-edge Digital Radiography X Series.”


What’s so special about Vidisco’s ICU X Series? Lior Pick explains that Vidisco’s ICU is a small, lightweight device that fulfills multiple advanced functions, one of which is power management: “Smart ICU power management is one of the key functions of the device. The ICU switches automatically from external power (such as a DC/AC vehicle inverter or a socket) to internal battery use. With the aim of conserving power, when the system is connected to external power, the battery is automatically charged parallel to operation.  This ability serves to enhance operator safety – with power provided down the line, there is no need to re-approach the dangerous area to change dead batteries down range.”



The ICU plays a crucial role in the performance of the Vidisco X-ray systems



The ICU powers the system panel in addition to internal/external components and accessories. It can power 3 types of a-Si panels (RayzorX, FlashX and BlazeX); two types of built-in wireless (WXR or WiFi X);and external accessories such as XR-DE and Smart X-150.


Aside from its outstanding power management capabilities, the smart ICU also offers multiple operation modes: The fully wired mode - in which the X-ray source and system are both connected by cable; the semi-wireless mode - using one of two available built-in wireless options (WXR or WiFi X); and finally full wireless mode - in which the digital portable X-ray source and laptop are connected wirelessly. Built-in ICU wireless facilitates long-range 300 meters line of sight wireless communication with the laptop (with WiFi X), and allows for coded and safe wireless communication with the Golden X-ray source (with WXR).


Here another completely unique trait to Vidisco’s Smart ICU comes to light: It is capable not only of synchronizing and controlling the panel and X-ray but also of maintaining the image produced by the panel in the ICU’s built-in memory. Lior Pick elaborates: “It’s a known fact that there is often interference during wireless communications. Comparable systems end up losing parts of images, requiring repeated X-ray reshoots to acquire the entire image. Vidisco’s ICU (X Series) functions differently. ‘Lost packets’ can easily be re-sent from the ICU to the computer; complete image transfer is achieved quickly, saving time and eliminating the need for repeated shoots.”



Flexibility is one of the ICU’s most prominent feature


Plug and Play is an additional Smart ICU asset: The digital flat panels are interchangeable with the CCD line of product, so that no less than 6 interchangeable detectors can be utilized with the same system (3 CCD and 3 a-Si flat panels) (cable connection or wireless)!


Flexibility is one of the ICU’s most prominent features, explains Lior Pick. The Smart ICU can synchronize and control a series of different industrial X-ray sources and work flawlessly with pulsed X-ray sources (Golden XR-150, XR-200, XRS-3, XRS-4). For some industrial constant potential sources, the ICU can also control and adjust energy levels (kV and mA) using the source communication channel (RS-232), through the Vidisco software. Lior Pick adds: “By controlling and synchronizing the X-ray sources we achieve significant reduction of the dose use, thereby improving safety and enhancing performance.”


Due to the combination of power management, the ability to interchange many panels, built-in wireless and other features, Vidisco’s ICU (X Series) enables cutting-edge, portable DR in an all-in-one solution.


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