Vidisco introduces the Guardian

Vidisco introduces Guardian, the first military-grade Digital X-ray system

Designed from the ground up for security applications


A dust and waterproof system with Mil-spec and IP-67 ratings, Guardian was designed to meet the extreme conditions of security and military applications.


Vidisco LTD. appoints Alon Guttel as new CEO

Vidisco LTD. appoints Alon Guttel as new CEO


Vidisco LTD. today announced the appointment of Alon Guttel to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately.

Former CEO, Barak Hoffer, will continue to serve as Co-Chairman of the Board.


Mr. Guttel brings more than twenty years of executive management experience in both the Israeli defense and civil industries.

IED BEATER x-ray detection helps fight back

IED BEATER x-ray detection

Intersec cover story, Oct 2017

Vidisco's Systems are Sandia's XTK Integrated!

Vidisco Systems are XTK Integrated

Vidisco is proud to be the first portable X-ray solutions company fully integrated with Sandia's XTK!

Vidisco Launches a New Rugged Tablet

Vidisco Launches a New Rugged Tablet

Vidisco is proud to offer its newest accessory - a ruggedized GETAC tablet including amplified WiFi capability and durable straps - for improved range, ease of use and portability.

Soldiers are faced with IEDs

Soldiers are faced with IEDs

A video released by the IDF during “Operation Protective Edge” shows how soldiers discover and blow up an IED found in the wall of a house. Vidisco’s X-ray systems can be used to identify IEDs in field conditions.

DR is Safer Than Film

What Makes DR Technology Safer Than Film Technology?

Digital radiography systems allow maximum safety for the operator while facilitating the inspection process. Vidisco’s systems meets the specific needs of the industry, and offer a solution better suited than that of traditional film or CR (Computerized Radiography).

EOD Training with Vidisco

EOD Training School Plays it Safe with Vidisco

The Slovakian EOD School trains bomb squads in the NATO countries. Speed, accuracy and safety are of the essence when EOD’s are involved. Up until 2 years ago, the Slovakian EOD Training School used films for X-raying suspect items. The X-ray process was long, often requiring more than one approach to get just a single image.

Vidisco’s Xbit Software

Unique Features of Vidisco’s Xbit Software

Vidisco’s proprietary Xbit software features a sophisticated digital radiology imaging database that can store, manage, sort and retrieve thousands of images. In addition to storing X-ray images, the database also keeps records containing associated annotation files, identifying information (project, location, date and time), and attached files such as technical specs and external images. All of this data can easily be retrieved repeatedly.

Vidisco in the Service of Forensics

Vidisco in the Service of Forensics (CSI)

If you have ever watched any one of a dozen CSI television programs, you have undoubtedly seen how a forensic team works at a crime scene. Even in the fantasy world of TV crime shows, keeping the crime scene intact is a top priority.

Keeping a Step Ahead of the Terrorist

Keeping a Step Ahead of the Terrorist

While the Internet is a fantastic tool for research and the acquisition of knowledge, in the past 5-7 years it has also become a reliable source of information for terrorists, providing explicit instructions on how to build a wide range of homemade bombs (Improvised Explosive Devices or IED's for short). Anders Behring Breivik, the man behind the terror attacks in Norway last summer, admitted that he had built the bomb which perpetrated mayhem and murder, on the basis of instructions that he had downloaded from the Internet.

Digital X-ray - On the Move

Digital X-ray - On the Move

Portable Digital X-ray systems have become a mainstream tool for bomb squads in recent years. With major large events coming up (2012 Olympics in UK, 2014 football World Cup in Brazil and the Winter Olympics in Russia just to name a few), the portable digital radiography systems market is on the move!

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