Using Digital X-ray for Fire Investigation


Fire investigations involve both field and laboratory work in order to determine the cause of the fire. Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems can be quickly and easily be set up in the field and provide immediate, top-quality images on your laptop, right at the scene of the fire. The systems are battery operated for a period of over 5 hours, helping prevent scene contamination, as battery changes down range are avoided. Wireless communication accessories further facilitate work without contaminating the scene with wires.

Fire Investigation
Cause of Fire Determined with X-ray

Cause of Fire Determination Using the Dual Energy Module


Using the Dual Energy X-ray module makes it possible to generate X-ray images that differentiate between organic and inorganic substances, thereby facilitating the cause of fire investigation. Vidisco is the only Company in the market with a proven Dual Energy Module for pulsed X-ray sources offering a unique solution suitable to investigators' needs.


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