EOD / IED X-ray Inspection for Police Bomb Squads


Portable digital X-ray systems are highly suitable for EOD / IED inspection. As the safe neutralization and disposal of a suspected object depends on an immediate identification and analysis of the inner components of the X-rayed object, digital X-ray is the better solution in comparison to film or CR.


Using digital X-ray is not only safer for the operator as it requires only one approach to the inspected object, but also saves critical time. Lightweight, highly portable and designed especially for field use, Vidisco’s X-ray solutions present an instant high-resolution and high-penetration X-ray image. Digital X-ray inspection of suspect objects can easily reveal thin wires and small detonators.

Detection of Explosives

Detection of Explosives with Dual Energy Module


Using the Dual Energy Module allows easy differentiates between organic and inorganic materials. The module enables the detection of explosives on site even under metallic layers with the unique “Probe” function. This Dual Energy detection can be performed on a vehicle, package or any other item under inspection. Within seconds, the operator can view the organic/inorganic substances in different colors on display. Vidisco is the only company to offer a proven Dual Energy module for pulsed X-ray. 


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