Slider XL

The Slider XL, quadruples the scanning area of the FlashX without compromising the resolution, penetration and dynamic range. This new accessory can scan large areas of up to 840 mm x 660 mm. The Slider XL, working with the FlashX and digital radiography system offers a dynamic range of 16 bit (65,536 grey levels), resolution of ~3.5 lp/mm (behind 3mm of steel) and a penetration which allows you to see 2 mm of lead behind 80 mm of steel. The Slider XL is ideal for field use as it is self-standing, portable, fully battery operated and has a built-in wireless option. 

Slider 2X2

The Silder 2x2 enables the use of a RayzorX flat panel to take a maximum of 4 consecutive X-ray images without repeated approach to the suspect item. The panel and ICU are easily attached to the devise up-range and carried as one to the inspection site. An imaging area of 44 X 44cm is achieved, while all the panel’s imaging characteristics (dynamic range, pixel size, etc) are maintained. 



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