Ruggedized Tablet

A ruggedized tablet upgrade option is now available for greater convenience and mobility in the field. The 11.6'' tablet is field tested and weatherproof, fully rugged & offers long operating hours. The tablet  provides easy switch from stationary to mobile work position and daylight readable screen. The system will be operated as always with the proprietary VEO software. 

Silicon Cover

The silicon protective cover for the RayzorX provides extra protection for use in the field. It is lightweight and especially designed to protect the digital flat panel against scratches and dents. The silicon cover offers increased flexibility in the setup process as it is compatible with the RayzorX's tripod mount and with the imager holder. The cover is provided free of charge with the purchase of a new RayzorX portable digital X-ray system.

Imager Holding Kits for Digital Flat Panels

Vidisco provides imager holding kits and clips that clasp the flat panels on the side and increase their stability when being positioned in the field. There are two types of imager holders (one for BoltX and the other for other panels) and a holding clip (for RayzorX). Imager holders have a bipod that is smaller than a standard tripod and the imager clip for RayzorX is even smaller, thus stability is provided for the panels while their footprint is not increased to the size of a standard tripod*. The Imager holder kits are designed to be used with flat panels, whether they are inserted into their panel covers or not.
* Tripod not provided

Tripod Mounts*

The various tripod mounts* provided by Vidisco are designed to fit their assigned panels perfectly (The “X shaped” mount for BlazeX and the “Boomerang” mount for RayzorX). Other panels (FlashX and BoltX), the ICU-X and Vidisco’s FoXrayIIe VCU imagers have built-in tripod mounts. Installing the tripod mount is easy, with just a simple screwing on of the mount onto the flat panel. For maximum operation flexibility, the tripod mount is designed to operate also when a panel cover is used. All tripod mounts are compatible with standard off the shelf tripods**.
* Compatible with standard tripods
** Tripod not provided

DC/AC Car Inverter

Vidisco portable X-ray systems can also be operated using a DC/AC car inverter so that they receive their poser from a nearby vehicle. DC power and data is pushed down the line, thus enabling operation for an unlimited amount of time and preventing the need to go downrange to replace batteries. With the use of a standard DC/AC car inverter device, the vehicle becomes as a power source that is available to the security operator out in the field.

Scene Camera (External Camera)

The scene camera (external camera) accessory can be connected to the ICU-X and the Golden X–ray source and provide images of the testing site during the radiography inspection. The scence camera can monitor the visual signs of an unknown threat on site. When connected to a FoXrayIIe VCU, this camera can also provide live video footage. The scene pictures and videos can be stored alongside the digital X-ray images and be shared for future analysis and learning.



Filter Pocket covers for FlashX and BlazeX Flat Panels

The filter pocket covers provide protection against wear of panels .As its name suggests, the operator can also easily insert filter plates (such as tungsten or tin) adjacent to the panel, in the front pocket of the filter cover for BlazeX and FlashX flat panels, so that the flat panel and its filters are carried as one unit to the inspection site. The filter pocket covers for BlazeX and FlashX are designed to facilitate positioning of the panel in the field with a tripod* (the BlazeX can be inserted into the cover with its tripod mount* installed, the FlashX panel has a built in tripod mount). The imager holder kit provides an additional positioning accessory, as it holds the flat panel with or without its filter by clasping it on the side.

* Compatible with standard tripods



Protective Cover for RayzorX Flat Panel

The cushioned, lightweight protective cover for RayzorX is especially designed for field use and provides extra protection for the digital flat panel enabling seamless work when using it for X-ray out doors. The panel is easily inserted into its covering, and both are carried to the suspect object as one unit. The RayzorX flat panel protective cover can be used with a tripod mount* already in place as well as with the imager holder, thus further increasing setup flexibility. It is optional to conveniently place panel filters in the protective cover, when required.
* Compatible with standard tripods





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