All in one power and communication box, enables to operate the system wired or wireless without the need for extra devices. The Combox, small and lightweight at only 400g (~0.8lbs) and just 30mm (~1.2") in thickness, provides charging capabilities down the line and is removable as well, so it can be connected to different display units (laptops & tablets) through a single USB3 (detachable) connector.

High Power WifiX

The high Power WiFiX provides wireless communication for Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray system of up to one mile (line of site). It is small and lightweight, weighing only 620 g (1.5 lb.). It can easily connect to the laptop and panel or ICU of Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems and it enables operation from a substantial distance. Operation from afar increases the safety of the operator as only one approach is necessary (or no approach with a robot) to get a great image. As with the rest of Vidisco’s systems, this accessory can easily be controlled with the VEO software.

WiFiX Digital Wireless Solution

The WiFiX kit provides wireless communication for a Vidisco portable X-ray system of up to 300m (line of site). The kit includes a transceiver, which is easily connected to the system laptop via a USB port, a mounting bracket for easier elevated placement, an extra USB extension cable and two omni7 black antennas. When used with more powerful Omni 8 antennas, WiFiX can provide extended distance of 500m for wireless communication.


WXR Wireless X-ray

The WXR kit is compatible with the new 5 pin Golden X-ray source and enables wireless communication between the X-ray source and the Vidisco ICU-X, thus reducing the number of cables required for setting up digital X-ray equipment down range. The WXR is battery free, drawing its power form the X-ray source, to which it is connected via the 5 pin socket.

SmartX150 for Extended Wired Communication of 200 Meters

The SmartX150 extension reel holds a 150m cable. Thus when connecting it to the 50m of cable already provided in the Vidisco portable digital X-ray system (note that a Vidisco backpack system configuration is provided with only 35m cable), a maximum distance of 200m wired connection can be achieved. Power and data are transmitted down the line to enable controlling the X-ray process from afar, providing the crucial safety factor for the security operator.

Extension Reels for Increased Wired Connection Distances

Vidisco provides an extension reel in a standalone configuration in order to facilitate extended distances for wired communication in the field between the testing equipment down range (ICU, flat panel and x-ray source) and the control unit (laptop) up range. The cables provided for this reel are available in the lengths of 50m, 65m and 100m. With the 50m cable provided with a Vidisco portable X-ray system in a case, the wired communication distance can be increased to 150m when using this accessory.



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