Rugged Case

Take Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray system anywhere packed in its rugged case.  This case is made to handle the most extreme weather and terrain. The entire system fits into the case and serves as a workstation. The rugged cases come in several configurations and have special features including a detachable workstation and cable reel. These and other special features allow you to X-ray virtually anywhere and make Vidisco’s systems the most portable in the field.

Undercover Case

Stay inconspicuous with Vidisco’s civilian case.  This undercover case is a “common” Samsonite suitcase on wheels, like the ones you see in every airport or train station. It allows the operator to carry the digital X-ray system with drawing un-needed attention. The civilian case also fits the entire system and doubles as a workstation.


The Vidisco backpack is especially designed to carry an entire digital X-ray system and also serve as a workstation. It is light and ergonomically designed to make it as comfortable as possible to carry in the field. It is well padded, have comfortable shoulder and waist straps and two carrying handles. A great deal of thought and engineering efforts were invested to make sure it has the right weight distribution and that the system will be packed into the backpack in such a way that enables the quickest dispatch.



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