Alpha Panel

The Alpha is a cost-effective smart panel, thin (15.6 mm), lightweight system (only 3kg) that saves you time and effort. Featuring a Wi-Fi module, the Alpha saves set-up time and costs. When you invest in the Alpha, you no longer need additional system components, keeping your work flow simple and easy. The high resolution, dynamic range of 16 bit and 148 microns along with minimal dead imaging space makes the Alpha the leading smart panel.

FlashX Panel

This superior rugged portable and battery operated flat panel is just 25mm thin and provides for the best all around imaging capability. While weighing only 4.8kg, this panel has the largest imaging area: 34.2 X 43.2cm (13.5X17 in). FlashX has unmatched penetration while providing 16bit (65,536 Grey levels) images. For more information, please see the FlashX system page.

SparX Panel

The SparX is a top quality panel system at an affordable price which was designed to meet the demands and based on the feedback of security operators who use our systems regularly. The panel is compatibility with 1.6 km WiFi option and with Vidisco’s new rugged tablet.  It is rugged, lightweight, has high resolution of 127 micron pixel and a 16 bit dynamic range.

RayzorX Panel

The 100% portable and battery operated RayzorX flat panel is just 13mm thin fits into the tightest spots, being the thinnest imager in the world. 3.5kg only, this panel is unmatched in X-ray handling capability. Top-quality X-ray imaging is achieved instantly with 14 bit (16,384 Grey levels) images. For more information, please see the RayzorX system page.

BoltX Panel

This CMOS technology based panel is extremely small, weighs only 1.5kg and has a high resolution of 75 micron. With an imaging area of 14.5X11.5cm (5.7X4.5in), this panel can be carried easily to every location. Using the BoltX, the operator will enjoy easy positioning in tight spots. For more information, please see the BoltX system page.


The VCU10e is the standard VCU offered with a FoxRayIIe system. Its dimensions are 380 X 260 X 140mm (~ 14.9 X 10.2 X 5.5 inch) and it offers images with a resolution of 1.4 lp/mm, 40AWG. It weighs 5.55 kg and is fully battery operated, working for over 14 days on one charge. For more information, please see the FoXrayIIe system page.


The medium size VCU16e dimensions are is 560 X 410 X 210mm (~22 X 16 X 8.2 inch), with an imaging area of 30.5 X 40cm (~12 X 16 inch). Like all Vidisco’s VCUs it can operate in a wireless mode or with power cables and cab be integrated to be used with a robot. For more information, please see the FoXrayIIe system page.



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