Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray security solutions allow maximum safety for the operator while facilitating the inspection process. Vidisco’s systems meet the specific needs of the security industry, and offer a solution better suited than that of traditional film or CR (Computerized Radiography).




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Vidisco's x-ray inspection systems offer a complete solution to several challenges:


The Challenge: Safe Distance from the Suspect Object
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems are particularly safe due to the ability to control the X-ray source from afar and due to the low dose required for a good image. Using film or CR technology is less safe due to the necessity to operate the X-ray source near the suspected object and the relatively higher dose required in order to receive a good image.

The Challenge: Minimum Approach to the Inspected Object
The Solution

While using Vidisco’s digital X-ray systems, only one approach to the inspected object is necessary in order to receive an image. All Vidisco systems are remotely controlled from a safe distance, enabling the operator to inspect the object from afar. In comparison to film or CR technology, where at least two approaches are necessary, DR is a much safer solution.

The Challenge: Short Time to Image
The Solution

Using Vidisco’s systems, a high quality image is received in mere seconds and on site, enabling the execution of quick life saving actions. Using film or CR delays the response time, as the film or image plate need to be developed or scanned before analysis.

The Challenge: High Quality Images
The Solution

Images generated by Vidisco systems are high quality images and have a dynamic range of 14-16 bit, high resolution and excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and CNR (Contrast-to-Noise Ratio). Vidisco’s propriety X-bit software offers great enhancement tools, which allow easy and quick analysis of the generated images.

The Challenge: Maximum Portability and Prolonged Operation for Convenient Field Use
The Solution

Vidisco’s DR systems are portable and convenient, since all equipment is packed in a single case or backpack which also serves as an operational platform. The systems can be easily carried to any location, are fully battery operated and offer a wireless operation mode. Since the systems are fully battery operated and batteries last over five hours - there is no need to change batteries down range and power is guaranteed during the entire inspection process. These attributes combined together allow the operator maximum convenience in field conditions. 

The Challenge: Long Life Span, Reusability and Minimal Environmental Impact
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems have a long life span and reusability is unlimited - the operator is able to take endless shots and will never run out of film at a critical moment. In addition, no physical storage is needed and long term documentation is easy with a comprehensive database that offers search filters and sharing options. These features also allow  minimal environmental impact, as no consumables are needed.

The Challenge: Training and Intelligence
The Solution

Vidisco’s propriety Xbit software is a comprehensive database which offers sophisticated enhancement tools, search filters and convenient data storage. Sharing options and long term documentation makes it possible to use the software in training programs and in long term intelligence gathering and analysis.

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