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Vidisco Guardian 17

Guardian 17

A 14” x 17” imaging area robust panel with waterproof connector and detachable handle. The Guardian 17 panel has an outstanding image quality and is the ultimate panel to use in a harsh field conditions in Military EOD.

Vidisco Defender

Defender 17

The Defender 17 is a lightweight 14” x 17” imaging area panel with a digital display on its backside. The Defender 17 is the ultimate cost-effective panel when dealing with law enforcement events.

Vidisco Guardian 12

Guardian 12

A 10” x 12” imaging area robust panel with waterproof connector and minimal deadspace from two sides. Guardian 12 panel has an exceptional image resolution and is suitable panel for fast and simple detection in an urban surrounding and counter terrorism situations.

DF 12

Defender 12

A lightweight 10” x 12” imaging area panel, suitable for county police and law enforcement needs. The Defender 12 can be configured in a wired or wireless communication.

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50 meter cable for ndt work


Vidisco provides a reel-based 50-meter cable as a wired configuration. When thinking about the operator needs the reel can be attached to the rugged case or to be put on the ground and in specific situations even to be carried out by the operator’s suite.

wireless remote for x-ray unites

Wireless - MiniCAT

A compact wireless communication device can be attached to any X-ray source, enables long range wireless communication.

advanced CAT device for remote x-ray

Wireless - CAT

The advanced CAT device is a multiple function feature enables long distance wireless communication alongside connection to external camera and extension of operating time. The CAT enables you to expand your operation capabilities.

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Rugged Laptop

The ruggedized laptop is a drop-tested and is MIL Standard approved and field use as it is reliable, durable and lightweight. It has a very bright Dual-Touch or Touchscreen, extra-long battery life and is water and dust resistant for extreme conditions.


Rugged Tablet

The tablet is a field-tested and weatherproof display, fully rugged and offers long operating hours and daylight readable screen. It provides an easy switch from stationary to mobile work position for full flexibility and adaptation to field conditions.

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NDpT - Security​ B.Y.O.S

Rugged case

Transport all system components easily and securely and work wired or wireless from the same case. The rugged case offers a room for all Vidisco’s necessary components and also for portable x-ray source.


Large backpack

Vidisco large backpack can contain a full rugged 14" x 17" system with a wired or wireless configuration, a laptop or tablet and an XRS-3 Golden Engineering X-ray source.


Tactical backpack

The lightweight tactical backpack is ideal for first responders teams and enables wired or wireless communication for easy, inconspicuous transportation

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