Xbit Pro VET – Vidisco’s Proprietary Veterinary X-ray Software

Vidisco’s Xbit Pro VET proprietary software offers the veterinarian an ideal tool for conducting X-ray inspection image analysis for diagnostic purposes. The software completes Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems by providing a combination of hardware and software that facilitates X-ray inspection at the highest level. 


Cutting edge image enhancement tools are combined with a comprehensive data base and simple to use sharing options. An image can be automatically enhanced while the original raw image is kept for documentation, inspection procedures are easily repeated and images can be stored in an orderly manner to ensure patient history, which is easy to query. The veterinary has all the tools required at his/her fingertips on the laptop screen at the inspection site.



Window Leveling

> Enabling view of entire 14bit grey level scale on an 8bit screen

> Optimal grey scale range with a click of the F3 key

> Manual control of grey levels review with easy to use interface

Gamma Correction

Gamma correction of entire image

Easy control of Gamma correction value with slider

Effect independent of other image enhancement tools


Contrast of elements in the entire image is increased or decreased

> Easy control of contrast value with slider

Effect independent of other image enhancement tools


Entire image becomes brighter or darker

>Easy control of brightness value with slider

Effect independent of other image enhancement tools

Database Management

Image recorded with animal name

Inspection location recorded automatically

Inspection conditions (angle, X-ray source type, exposure times) recorded

Additional pictures and information can be linked to X-ray image

Quick Save

Automatic saving of images

Create consecutive image series easily

Automatic details recorded in image database

Macro Records

Automatic image enhancement sequences

Repeated inspection procedures at an click of a mouse

Sophisticated analysis procedures easily recorded

Simple to use interface

800% Zoom

No digitizing or pixelization in 800% image view

Hairline detail detection

Pan window for orientation in image

Zoom to selected zone

Adaptive Histogram Equalization

Viewing of different densities in one image

Easy enhancement of bone tissue

Enhanced view of inner organs

Sharpening Algorithm

Minimal Noise

Advanced edge detection  algorithm

Extract tiny details

Comprehensive Database

> Images stored in all popular formats (DICOM, TIFF, JPEG included)

Easy to use sharing and query options

X-ray Image documented with all its relevant information

Enhancements and original raw image recorded