Xbit Pro – Vidisco’s Proprietary X-ray NDT Software
Digital radiology imaging is greatly enhanced using the Xbit Pro, Vidisco’s proprietary NDT software. This professional software package offers the NDT operator sophisticated enhancement tools and user-friendly data storage. These tools enable image grabbing, top- imaging analysis, documentation, data sharing and accurate results.


NDT testing procedures can be easily repeated. High-quality digital radiology imaging is immediately available with advanced analysis tools to enable precise detection on the spot, which saves time and money! Multi-language GUI is available.


Vidisco XbitPro software and systems support current industrial standards (such as BSS 7044; BSS 7075; ASTM E2422-05; ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel  Code, section V, article II; ASTM E2736 (including E2698 and E2737); ISO/DIS 17636-2; ISO/DIS 10893-6). XbitPro is included in all the Vidisco portable digital radiography systems - RayzorX Pro, BlazeX Pro, FlashX Pro and the new BoltX Pro - and is compatible with all Vidisco accessories.


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800% Zoom

>  800% zoom exposes extra fine details

> Despite the enlargement‚ no digitizing effect  

> Zoom in and out with a click of a button

Automatic Window Leveling

>  Enables viewing the full scale of 14-16 bit images (on an 8bit computer screen)

> The raw image is not altered  

> Optimum range generated in one click

Automatic Wall Thickness Measurement

>  Facilitates fast and exact (calibrated) multiple measurements

> Various macros can be saved for future re-use 

> Tests are repeated easily and precisely

Automatic Subtraction

>  Automatically extracts differences between similar images

> Especially useful for detecting the slightest changes

> Detect change in materials‚ movement of parts and defects


>  For fast automatic “sewing” together of images 

> Merge images at the pixel level

> View large objects on one screen

> Saves hours of work (no manual manipulation)

Slide Library

>  Slide Library Query

> Information is easily retrieved and shared

> Database management tools for convenient documentation 

>  Easily identify information such as location‚ X-ray conditions‚ category‚ project and more

Sharpening Algorithm

>  Sharpening enhances details in the image

> Images remain noise free

> Highest quality Unsharp Mask (edge enhancement)

Overlay Mode

Most advanced Overlay feature 

Enables viewing different exposure levels in layers on one screen 


Proprietary Graphic & Processing Tools


Emboss‚ brightness and contrast 

Gamma correction

> Edge enhancing

Database Management

> Comprehensive image information attached to Digital X-ray record

> Record location, imaging conditions, date, X-ray exposure and other details of RT during inspection, with easy to use interface

> DICOM compatible X-ray image saving

Adaptive Histogram

Easy viewing of materials with different densities

Easily differentiate between piping under insulation‚ cables‚ or wires in cement

Enhanced viewing of small details

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