Xbit – Vidisco’s Proprietary X-ray Software for Security Operators


This X-ray security software suite offers the portable X-ray system operator sophisticated enhancement tools so images can be analyzed on the spot in order to proceed in a safe manner. The danger level of a suspect object can be determined instantaneously, thereby enabling informed decision making in real-time.


The software also offers user-friendly operation and convenient data storage in order for x-ray images to be stored alongside location photos, documented, and shared which is often a necessity in the security industry. Multi language user interface is available. Xbit X-ray security software is incorporated within all Vidisco portable X-ray systems: AlphaFlashX, RayzorX, BoltX and FoXrayIIe, and is compatible with all Vidisco accessories.


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Dual Energy Probe

Dual Energy X-ray Images for Organic / Inorganic differentiation

Probe Function removed first external layer, revealing organic materials inside

Organic materials clearly visible in hues (Green for soft inorganic materials and blue for metals)

Proprietary Graphic & Processing Tools


Emboss & brightness and contrast

Gamma correction

Edge enhancing

Automatic Subtraction

> Automatically extracts differences between similar images

Especially useful for detecting listening devices

Detects the slightest differences between images

Adaptive Histogram

Enables easy viewing of materials with different densities

Differentiate densities with just one X-ray exposure

Easy operation with a click of a button

Sharpening Algorithm

Proprietary algorithm that greatly enhances image details

Minimize noise while sharpening

Identify the tiniest details

Automatic Window Leveling

Enables viewing the full scale of 10-16 bit images (on an 8bit computer screen)

The raw image remains in its original form

Maximum image information can be automatically generated in a click of a button (optimum range)


Automatically "sew" multiple images together

Create a large image from several smaller images

Stitched image is computer generated (no human involvement) and saved as a single file

Zooming 800%

Non digitizing zoom

Expose extremely fine details

Despite the enlargement‚ details remain smooth with no pixelization

Slide Library

> Image database and query.

X-ray images and related identifying information are recorded together

Finding and sharing images has never been easier

DR Technology is Safer than Traditional Film or CR (Computerized Radiography) Technologies
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