“The following years will be especially important for the company. Our goal is to introduce new revolutionary products in the NDT and Security markets”

Vidisco LTD. today announced the appointment of Alon Guttel to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately.

Former CEO, Barak Hoffer, will continue to serve as Co-Chairman of the Board. Mr. Guttel brings more than twenty years of executive management experience in both the Israeli defense and civil industries.

After serving fourteen years as an officer in the Armored Corps of IDF, Alon began his post-military career as VP R&D and Business Development in the military industry and continued his journey as CEO in Carmor Vehicles Solutions.

Alon holds an M.E. in Engineering, Design and Production and a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, both from the Technion institution.

Mr. Guttel's appointment followed an exceptional year for Vidisco. In 2018 Vidisco has won various long-term tenders across Europe, Asia and the US. Its SparX Pro Portable Digital X-ray System was selected as the product of choice by an elite branch in the United States Armed Forces.

In addition, new strategic partnerships have been created to support the company's upcoming expansion plans.
Mr. Guttel commented: "I am very pleased to join Vidisco. The following years will be especially important for the company. Our goal is to introduce new revolutionary products in the NDT and Security markets. Existing products in the market were adapted from the medical field. Our upcoming new products and technologies leverage 30 years of field experience and have been especially designed from the ground up to meet the specific challenges of the Security and NDT markets. We will be announcing these products in the near future."

"An additional goal to realize this coming year is the expansion of our NDT operations…" Mr. Guttel added, "…as part of this effort, we have recently opened a new service center for the European NDT market, and we are growing our presence in the Chinese NDT market. Later this year we will also announce additional expansions in the US. As market leaders, Vidisco spends a lot of efforts and resources on the development of next-generation products. We are committed to introducing important innovations, while improving our service to existing customers."



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