Booby trapped greeting card

This image is of a booby-trapped Greeting card. In the X-ray you can see the battery, release switch, electronic board, metallic fragments (nails) & explosive device (detonator & explosives).

Pipe IED from Training Kit

The image is of a pipe IED taken with the FlashX. In the X-ray, you can see two metal pipes filled with explosive simulant, two AA batteries, DTMF, cellular phone and a detonator.

Leech (mercury) tilt IED

The image is of a leech (mercury) tilt IED from Vidisco’s Training Kit. In the image you can see the external view, the X-ray and a dual energy X-ray. See organic, inorganic and metallic materials in different colors. In the middle you can see a magnet, on the left an on/off switch, an electric board on top and on the right, the mercury tilt as well as the battery.

Three Pomegranates


Image of three pomegranates decoratively arranged with a branch  Notice the remarcable detail of the fruit in the image.  This image was tken with the RayzorX Pro digital X-ray system. Courtesy of Orit Freilich.


Two Wine Glasses and a Bottle of Red Wine


Image of 2 wine glasses filled with red wine and a bottle laying alongside the glasses  This image was tken with the RayzorX Pro digital X-ray system.


Flowers in a box


Image of small planted flowers in a gift box.  This image was tken with the RayzorX Pro digital X-ray system. Courtesy of Orit Freilich.


Plant with Flower Buds and Seeds


Image of a plant in which you can see the beautiful outline of the leavfes, the flower buds and even the seeds. This image was taken with the /rayzorX Pro digital X-ray system. Courtesy of Orit Freilich.


Cheers! - Champagne glasses with White wine


Image of Champagne glasses with white wine  clicking together. Taken with the RayzorX Pro digital X-ray system.


Rubber Woven Conveyor Belt

An X-ray image of a rubber woven conveyor belt, 15 mm thick sample with a grinder. The defect is clearly seen, as is the weave  pattern of the fabric. The image was taken with a Golden XRS-3 source, shot with 10 pulses at a 500mm distance.

8" Pipe, 3.5mm Wall Thickness

This image is of an 8" pipe, 3.5mm wall thickness (nominal) which was shot with Vidisco's BoltX Pro (Cmos based Imager) along with a Comet X-ray source, ~1mm focal spot at 0.75m SDD (Source-Detector-Distance), 130kV, 4.6mA, 1.2Sec exposure. The image quality with the BoltX Pro exceeds the ISO 17636-2 Class A requirements and is capable of performing Class B applications. 


This image was taken with the FlashX by a CSI team who inspected the fireworks to see if they were active. The main concern was foul play and homemade devices that may be found inside.

Carbon Fiber Sample

This image of a carbon fiber sample was taken at an Aerospace testing facility where the customer tested the capabilities of the  BoltX Pro system. 

Horse's Head

Digital X-ray Image of a Horse's Head

Equine X-ray Examination: Left Hind Hock

Left hind hock DLPMO

Weld with Duplex Wire


X-ray image of weld with duplex wire taken with the BoltX Pro system.

Corner Weld of Ship’s Hull


In this image the different thicknesses of the corner weld of the ship’s hull can be seen, along with IQI which is clearly visible. 

Welded 9mm Steel Plate


Image of welded 9mm steel plate with defects taken with the RayzorX Pro portable digital X-ray system.

Specimens from a Fire Investigation

Using Vidisco's portable flat panel systems, post-fire investigations can be executed on-site or in the lab, in this case showing organic traces of suspicious igniting materials.

Burnt Tire

After a car fire, an analysis of the car's tires was accomplished using the FlashX system with the Dual Energy module when inspecting for gasoline traces to determine if the fire caused by arson.

Toaster in Crime Scene

A toaster examined with RayzorX on a post-fire investigation shows all internal components, allowing the investigators to determine whether foul play or electrical malfunction caused the fire.

Bag of Bones

A large case found on scene X-rayed multiple times and automatically stitched using the Xbit software reveals human bones.

Explosive Doll

A forensics team, using the RayzorX at a crime scene, applied the Dual Energy function when suspecting a children's doll was tampered with.

Human Skull

Human skull X-rayed in a laboratory with the FlashX system. The Sharpening tool was used to highlight fine details.

Bug in Office Plant

A VIP's office periodically X-rayed with a Vidisco system reveals a hidden bug in a plant. An automatic subtraction tool in the Xbit software can show these bugs even when the human eye misses them.

Bugs in the Wall

Even hard to penetrate objects such as a brick wall can be achieved by using the flat panel systems. This bug was planted in a brick wall at an embassy and was revealed during a random X-ray testing.

Office Phone

An office phone X-rayed periodically for bugs reveals a hidden device. Due to the clarity of the image, no further enhancement was required.

Shoe Device

A random shoe check by a personal security team reveals a detonator hidden in the shoe. The image was viewed in negative polarity to better see the fine details.

Briefcase with Knife

A briefcase with knife inspected at a border crossing also reveals organic material, found using the XR-DE Plus Dual Energy Module.

Old Riffle

A smuggled antique riffle found at a border crossing, X-rayed with the RayzorX and enhanced using the Sharpening and the Histogram Equalization tools.

Darbuka Drum X-rayed

A large musical drum inspected with the VCU-16 reveals a hidden bomb. An Automatic Adaptive Histogram tool was used to expose the relevant grey levels.

Coffee Can with Bomb Components

Coffee Can X-rayed due to suspicion at a customs house with an IED detected by the RayzorX flat panel. Window leveling and sharpening was used to enhance the image.

Cocaine Hidden in Door Panel

An X-ray of a car door at a customs station reveals an organic detection of a suspect package hidden inside the door. This Dual Energy image was achieved in 20 seconds, utilizing the RayzorX panel.

Cracked Pressure Vessel


Tiny cracks are visible in this image of a pressure vessel.

Welding Defects Tester Inspected by BAM 5


Image of a welding defects tester taken by BAM 5 laboratories using the Rayzor X Pro. BAM 5 found that the panel exceeded ASME standard E2597-07 requirements.

Turbine Blade Casting Defects


Image of turbine blade casting with defects taken with a 600kV source.

Turbine Blade Comet


X-ray of turbine blade comet taken with a 600kV source. Overlay enhancement tool of the Xbit Pro software was used.

Power Line Tightening Clamp


This image shows a power line aluminum tightening clamp in which the cable is clearly visible.

Power Line Cable


Image of defected power line cable. The red arrow points out the defect detected.

Electrical Cable Clamp


Image of an Electric cable clamp taken with the XRS-3 X-ray source.

Clamp with Defected Cable


Digital X-ray image of a clamp with a defected electric cable.

V-Shaped Weld


This image of a V-shaped weld was taken with an XRS-3 X-ray source. The defects are very clearly seen in the image

Open Valve


Thick iron and thin insulation are visible in this X-ray image of an open valve.

pressure vessel


Image of stainless steel pressure vessel weld taken with RayzorX Pro, which is seen in the photo with its protective cover.

Insulated Pipe with Wall Loss


X-ray image of insulated pipe with wall reduction. The system was calibrated with a ball and then wall loss was measured.

Wall Thickness Measurement


X-ray of pipe of which the wall thickness measurement and line profile tools in the Xbit Pro software is being used.

Inspection Under Insulation


X-ray of inspection under insulation. Image is enhanced using the histogram tool of the Xbit Pro software.

Clean vs. Corrosion


An image depicting 2 pipes, one with corrosion and the other without. The image was enhanced with the Emboss tool of the Xbit Pro software.

Corroded Pipe


X-ray image of pipe with corrosion in the Oil and Gas industry.

QC of Fuses


Quality control of munitions mechanisms (fuses) in the production process.

Munitions Mechanism


Quality control of munitions mechanism in the production process.

Flare Quality Control


Digital X-ray image of flare quality control.

Rebar in Cement Block


Digital X-ray image of a rebar in a cement block.

Cement Block with Rebar


Digital X-ray image of cement block with rebar 95 cm.

8” Cement


Image of 8 inch cement taken with the BlazeX Pro portable digital X-ray system.

30 cm Reinforced Concrete


X-ray image of 30 cm reinforced concrete of a chimney.

6” Concrete with XRS-3


Image of 6 inch concrete take with XRS-3 X-ray source.

6” Concrete with Ir-192


Image of 6 inch concrete taken with Ir-192 isotope radiation source.

Ceramic Plates


Image of ceramic plates taken with the RayzorX Pro portable digital X-ray system.

Automotive Cast with Standard


X-ray of cast for automotive industry with ASTM standard E2242-05.

Alpha casting Sample


Alpha casting sample taken with an industrial Continuous Potential X-ray source.

Automotive Aluminum Cast


X-ray of aluminum cast for the automotive industry with porosity defects.


Aerospace Cast-of Oil Tank Cover


Digital X-ray image of oil tank cover for the Aerospace industry. The image reveals fatigue cracks.


Aerospace Casting with Defect from Shrinkage


X-ray image of aerospace aluminum cast in which shrinkage with inclusions defect was found.

Aerospace Aluminum Casting


X-ray image of aluminum cast in the Aerospace industry. Image compatible with ASTM standard E2422-05.


Pocket Watch


Micro focus X-ray enlargement of pocket watch mechanism. 

Dog Mummy


Stitched image of dog mummy with broken neck.


Woman under Scenery Painting


Pastel woman under scenery painting exposed with X-ray.


Bronze Statue


This hard to penetrate bronze statue was X-rayed with the FlashX Pro portable digital X-ray system.


Ancient Sword


Archaeological find of ancient sword. Image consists of 5 images stitched together.


Drill with Iron Residue


Handle of ancient drill found on shipwreck with iron residue.


Test Pattern


This is an X-ray image of a test pattern with zoom to 20 lp/mm.


Aircraft Fatigue Cracks


X-ray image for the Aerospace industry of a lap joint with fatigue cracks.


Jet Engine Blades


X-ray of a jet engine blades cast with defects.


Honeycomb Composite Materials


Image of honeycomb composite materials before repair.


Aircraft Honeycomb Structure Defects


X-ray image of a G100 Astra aircraft honeycomb with various defects.

Aircraft Window Corrosion


This image shows corrosion of a window frame in an aging plane.


Honeycomb Composite Material Delamination


B777 HF panel antenna apex BL0 front edge stabilizer delamination.


Hidden Contraband in Car Tire

This image was taken with the RayzorX imager and the Dual Energy Module, and shows a car tire with a suspected narcotics bag smuggled inside.

Horse Leg During Operation

Right Front-Stifle-DP X-ray Image

Tire IED

The image is of a tire IED from Vidisco’s Training Kit. In the image you can see the external view, the X-ray and an X-ray with the XR=DE Plus, dual energy device. Organic explosive material is in orange‚ metallic components in blue and soft inorganic materials are green. The X-ray shows a tire with metal debris, timer mechanism on the right and a photo electric mechanism on the left.

Left Hind-P2-DMPLO

Equine Digital X-ray Image: Left Hind-P2-DMPLO

Munitions Testing with FlashX

This Mortar was X-rayed with the Vidisco FlashX panel and the XRS-3 X-ray source at a munitions test site.  The image is great as it shows both light and heavier components while not losing critical information

Equine Examination X-ray Image Cervical-LM


Dual Energy with Water

X-ray image of IED utilizes Vidisco’s dual energy capabilities - liquid is clearly seen in orange

Left Front-Hoof-LM

X-ray Image clearly shows Left Hoof Horse shoe

Rocket Motor

EOD device penetrated with FlaxhX, seeing all the intricate details.

Pipe Bomb

The Window Leveling tool used to expose the relevant greay levels in the pipe bomb (X-rayed with the RayzorX).

Clock IED

With our XR-DE Plus Dual Energy Module, a simple clock can not only be X-rayed, but an organic detection can be achieved in seconds. 

Chocolate Box IED

This simple IED, hidden in a chocolate box, was X-rayed with only 5 pulses with the RayzorX panel and a Golden XRS-3 and requires no further image enhancement.

155 mm IED Shell

Superb penetration achieved while utilizing the adaptive histogram tool on this heavy IED device.

Suitcase Bomb

A crystal clear image of a suitcase bomb. The sharpening tool is utilized for fine detail enhancement.

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