Ceramic Plates


Image of ceramic plates taken with the RayzorX Pro portable digital X-ray system.

Automotive Cast with Standard


X-ray of cast for automotive industry with ASTM standard E2242-05.

Alpha casting Sample


Alpha casting sample taken with an industrial Continuous Potential X-ray source.

Automotive Aluminum Cast


X-ray of aluminum cast for the automotive industry with porosity defects.


Aerospace Cast-of Oil Tank Cover


Digital X-ray image of oil tank cover for the Aerospace industry. The image reveals fatigue cracks.


Aerospace Casting with Defect from Shrinkage


X-ray image of aerospace aluminum cast in which shrinkage with inclusions defect was found.

Aerospace Aluminum Casting


X-ray image of aluminum cast in the Aerospace industry. Image compatible with ASTM standard E2422-05.


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