The Legend of BAM 5

BAM is the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. It regularly conducts NDT testing for standardization in various areas of expertise for all of Europe. 



BAM 5 laboratories inspect NDT welds


*BAM describes the BAM-5 test piece as follows: “The BAM-5 is a test piece weld with known defects: It is a hand welded steel plate (St 35) 8 mm thick, the welding is max. 10 mm thick. It contains all types of welding flaws, especially cracks at the surface of the welding seam.”


The Bam-5 is something of a legend in the field of Digital Radiography. Although it is possible to conduct quality testing with test patterns on any device or target, the fact that the 20-year-old BAM-5 test piece has been used to compare the performances of almost every X-ray imaging system currently in existence makes it quite unique. Sometimes it is enough to look at the welds on the image following a BAM-5 inspection to gauge the results without even studying empiric data of the IQI, penetrameters, wires, etc.


weld inspection by BAM 5

Courtesy of Bam


Above is an image of the famous Bam-5 test piece X-ray taken with Vidisco’s RayzorX digital X-ray system at the BAM facility in Berlin, clearly showing the almost unlimited performance potential of this X-ray system - to BAM website.*

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