RayzorX Pro System Passes ASTM E2597-07 Digital Radiography Standard Test with Flying Colors


By: Ofra Kleinberger-Riedrich


The RayzorX Pro achieved exceptional results in tests conducted in an external laboratory (the prestigious BAM from Germany) and according to the definitions of the ASTM E2597-07 standard. The tests were conducted for X-ray of an aluminum plate (AL-6061) according to the standard conditions.


According to the standard, Vidisco’s RayzorX Pro system was tested according to five parameters: Basic Spatial Resolution (SRb), Detector Signal to Noise Ratio – Normalized (dSNRn)/ Efficiency (dSNRn), Achievable Contrast Sensitivity (CSa), Specific Material Thickness Range (SMTR and Image Lag (the names of the five performance parameters are taken from the ASTM 2597-07 standard documentation; pages 1 and 2, under item 3. Terminology). In all 5 categories, RayzorX pro achieved excellent results. Therefore the coverage of the pentagon shaped “Spider” diagram is high, indicating the excellent quality of imaging with the Vidisco system. In all of the five parameters, RayzorX Pro achieved results that are superior to those of the competition, as is seen in the below graph (Vidisco RayzorX Pro results are presented on the left in blue). 


ASTM Standard Spider Diagram - RayzorX Pro system with Exceptional Results

                       Vidisco Ltd. RayzorX Pro                                                                     Competition


The results indicate significant and unique technological advantages embodied in the RayzorX Pro DDA.   At Vidisco, we put great emphasis on technological excellence. It is great to have a empirical test, which is conducted by a prestigious external laboratory, confirm what we have always known - that RayzorX Pro is an exceptional product.


For further detail, read a summary of the test.


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