Smart ICU (Image Control Unit) for Vidisco′s Portable X-ray Inspection Systems

As the heart of all of Vidisco’s cutting-edge portable X-ray inspection systems from the X series, the smart ICU serves as real-time interface between the Imager and the laptop. This compact, lightweight device offers a wide range of sophisticated features unavailable in comparable products including an embedded computer; smart power system supporting 3 different panels and system accessories; a large capacity battery with a smart charger; advanced communication interface enabling communication with the detectors, the X-ray sources and the laptop; built-in, long-range WiFi X enabling 300 line of sight communication with the laptop; and built-in WXR enabling coded and safe wireless communication with the X-ray source. 


Taking portable X-ray inspection systems to a new level, Vidisco’s smart ICU enables synchronization of X-ray sources - this refers not only to the smart ICU’s ability to operate various X-ray sources (e.g, Golden pulsed X-ray sources or industrial constant potential sources), but also to the significant reduction of the dose use, thereby improving safety and performances.


The smart ICU’s uniqueness lies in its ability not only to synchronize and control the panel and X-ray, but also to maintain in its own built-in memory the image produced by the panel. This enables the user to receive a perfect, complete image under any conditions. In other systems, if the wireless communication is disrupted by interference, part of the image may be lost, requiring an X-ray reshoot in the hope that the interference will not recur. Vidisco’s smart ICU ensures that any “lost packet” can be re-sent independently from the ICU to the computer, thus automatically achieving fast and complete image transfer without any need to reshoot.  


Smart ICU (Image Control Unit) for Vidisco′s Portable X-ray Inspection Systems


ICU Smart Power Management


With the aim of enhancing system flexibility, the ICU switches automatically from external power (such as a DC/AC vehicle inverter) to internal battery use. When connected to an external power, the system automatically charges the battery parallel to system operation. Operator safety is ensured by providing power “down the line” – no second downrange approach is ever required to change dead batteries.


The smart ICU also has the ability to power the system panel, as well as internal/external components and accessories including:

- Three types of a-Si panels (RayzorXPro, FlashXPro and BlazeXPro)

- Two types of built-in wireless (WXR or WiFiX)

- External accessories such as XR-DE Plus


Multiple Mode Operation


The Smart ICU enables the system to operate in three different modes:

- Fully wired: The X-ray source and system are both connected by cable

- Semi-wireless:Using one of the two wireless options (WXR or WiFi X

- Full wireless: X-ray and laptop are connected wirelessly


The Smart ICU can operate a series of X-ray sources including pulsed X-ray sources (Golden XR-150, XR-200, XRS-3, XRS-4) and synchronize industrial constant potential sources including Balteau Spot and Balteau Graph series, Yxlon’s Smart (MGC4X, Y.xpo), GE (Seifert) - Eresco control panels, Medex - GemX sources and Hamamatsu Microfocus L8121-03, and other sources which work on the same communication protocol. For some industrial constant potential sources, the smart ICU can also control and adjust energy levels (kV and mA) using the source communication channel (RS-232), through the Vidisco software.


Smart ICU Advantages


Easily portable - An adjustable shoulder strap and handle enable the operator to easily carry the smart ICU to field inspections

Durability – Featuring all weather design, the smart ICU is both durable and reliable

Built-in wireless  - 300m to laptop and X-ray source

X-ray synchronization – The ICU controls and synchronizes the X-ray, controlling the stop and start of X-ray radiation as well as kV, mAmp when available  

Plug & Play – The single 50m cable is interchangeable with the CCD line of product, allowing the user to have 6 interchangeable detectors! (3 CCD and 3 a-Si flat panels)

Tripod mountable – The ability to position the smart ICU on a tripod ensures extra flexibility in the field

Modular structure – The smart ICU’s modular structure enables compatibility with future developments



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