When Testing Welds, it is Now Possible to Cover Most Common Range of Welding Thicknesses with Portable Digital Radiography 

BoltX Pro is compliant with Class B ISO17636-2 standard and is the perfect addition to your Vidisco DR system, now enabling you to test every kind of weld.


It is possible that Vidisco’s new BoltX Pro portable imager is the only DDA that’s compliant with Class B (without any Geometrical Magnification) ISO 17636-2 Non Destructive Testing of Welds – Radiographic Testing - Part 2 standard. The BoltX Pro has remarkable spatial resolution of 75 micron. This unique feature allows the imager to take great images of thin materials such as small bore pipes with thin wall thickness. Since the BoltX Pro spatial resolution is graded as Duplex 11, there is no material that is too thin for this imager and for this reason it is compliant with the Class B ISO 17636-2 standard.


The standard guarantees a minimum image quality by testing minimum requirements for the testing procedure. In the ISO standard, radiographic techniques are divided into two classes: Class A and Class B. Class A refers to a basic technique while Class B refers to improved technique (used when Class A may be insufficiently sensitive). Class B is stricter and requires higher image sensitivity, thus allowing detection of smaller defects compared to Class A requirements. Class B is used in inspections where there is no room for error such as in tests of specific parts in industries like aerospace, nuclear plants and more.


Test All Range of Welding Thicknesses with Portable DR


Vidisco’s BoltX Pro is a terrific all-around imager that, due to its high basic spatial resolution, can also inspect very thin materials with outstanding precision. It is possible to use any one of Vidisco’s DR systems with the BoltX Pro as an accessory. This combination is all any NDT inspector will need for every possible kind of weld inspection including those that must meet Class B standards. Vidisco’s portable digital radiography systems are the ultimate solution for most common range of non intrusive inspections.


Adar Yiron, VP Sales and Marketing: “Vidisco’s aim has always been to offer a complete solution to our customers. Now, after testing the BoltX Pro and seeing that it is compliant with the strictest welding test standards, we are happy to announce that we can offer NDT inspectors a truly complete solution.”

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