X-ray Inspections in the Shipyard Industry


Vidisco prides itself on being able to deliver state-of-the-art X-ray technologies to the shipyard industry across the globe. Digital X-ray offers high quality, on-site solutions for weld and pipes inspections.
Vidisco’s DDAs (panels) require a low dose per image which allows for small area closures, this enables conducting X-ray testing during daytime and in parallel to the production process.  Immediate results are received on site, allowing instant repair actions and eliminating the need to return to the inspection site later on for reshooting.


Inspection of Welding


X-ray inspections of pipes and welds using Vidisco’s digital portable X-ray systems allows detection  of typical welding defects such as porosity, lack of fusion, cracks, lack of penetration, slag lines and more.


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Inspection of Welding
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