Digital Radiography in the Aerospace Industry


Vidisco portable digital radiography (DR) systems are a great way to inspect aircrafts in the production and maintenance processes in the aerospace industry. The systems provide top quality images with high resolution of 75 to 143 micron and 14 to 16 bit dynamic range. The battery-operated systems’ thin digital imagers can easily be carried by a single operator and inserted in tight and elevated locations.


Built-in fast wireless up to 300m (line of sight) enables rapid set up, smooth operation and seamless imaging. Since images are produced instantaneously and can be analyzed on the spot, valuable time is saved and no return for reshoots is necessary. These features, along with the fact that there are no consumables, means that using Vidisco’s systems will save you time and money.


Aircraft Inspection


Vidisco's DDAs achieve unmatched performance, enabling the delineation of even the tiniest of hairline cracks. With safety a major consideration, the required dose level is dramatically decreased in comparison to CR or film meaning that exposure times are reduced to mere seconds.

Aircraft Inspection
Aerospace NDT Rotor X-ray Inspection

Aerospace Laboratory Return on Investment (ROI)


As part of modernizing efforts and implementing a more efficient process, an Israeli Aerospace lab purchased a DR system after conducting a comprehensive cost study of costs between film X-ray and DR. The X-ray source type and all other testing laboratory conditions remained the same. The only difference in the test was, instead of film a Vidisco DR system was used.  The expenditure was compared over a period of one year (spending with DR was compared to the spending of the previous year with film). The results of this comparison is shown in the below table.


The annual savings accumulated with the DR system meant that the ROI could be achieved within two years and any further savings is pure profit for the organization. Since then it has been enjoying further annual savings since. The cost effectiveness of the system is combined with the additional benefits of higher X-ray speed (time to image is much faster), increased operator safety and modern database of images and documentation, lower dose rates and higher probability of detection (POD).


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Aerospace Laboratory Comparison

  Film X-ray DR
X-ray Procedure / Stage Cost of 1 film Image Annual Cost
(7250 Film Images)
Cost of 1 DR image Annual Cost
 (7250 DR Images)
Annual Savings with DR
Exposure $6.00 $ 43,500.00 $3.00 $21,750.00 $21,750.00
Developing Time (Film only) $4.50 $32,625.00 N/A $0.00 $32,625.00
Film & Chemicals
(Film only)
$2.50 $18,125.00 N/A $0.00 $18,125.00
CD (for DR only) N/A $0.00 $0.03 $218.00 -$218.00
Analysis Report $3.00 $21,750.00 $3.00 $21,750.00 $0.00
Management Costs $1.00 $7,250.00 $1.00 $7,250.00 $0.00
Equipment Depreciation and
Maintenance Costs
$1.00 $7,250.00 $2.20 $15,950.00 -8,700.00
Documentation Costs and
Storage Space
$0.20 $1,450.00 $0.10
(network, no space)
$363.00 $1,088.00
Annual Cost $18.00 $131,950.00 $9.00 $67,280.00 $ 64,670.00



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