Posted by Mr. Daniel Alex Lageman, US Marine EOD Veteran, March 11, 2021

What is UXO and why is it so dangerous?

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) are explosive weapons such as bombs, shells, ammunition and mines that failed to explode and still pose a risk of detonation. UXOs aren’t just a result of live fire training — in fact, many are a remnant of past conflicts including world wars. When UXOs are found, it’s critical to quickly assess the threat and to understand if the device can be safely removed or has to be neutralized in a controlled explosion.

mm grenades Assesing UXOs using digital radiography

That’s where digital radiography plays a vital role, as it enables fast and accurate image acquisition and threat assessment. A wired system such as Shield is a convenient and cost-effective way to quickly identify the type of ordnance and whether it’s safe to move.

The X-ray image above was taken with Shield, a lightweight, durable and portable DR system. The image are of an M430A1 40mm High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) projectile, fired from a MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher. These projectiles are known to have a fairly high “dud rate” and are very commonly found as Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) on live fire ranges throughout the US and worldwide.


Unbeatable image quality

Shield combines an X-ray image with an AR image, providing extremely good images using a low energy source. The bidirectional external camera has audio for stills and videos. To enable fast threat assessment, operators can take advantage of the Xsight one-touch filter capability, automatic image stitching, dual energy which differentiates between organic and non-organic matter, and more.

Supporting multi-screen control through any mobile device, this DR system ensures reliable performance even in harsh environmental conditions. Ideal for police department and UXO companies who need cost-effective threat assessment, Shield is the rugged go-to solution which ensures reliable performance and fast results.



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