Vidisco’s cutting-edge digital radiography X-ray systems have been developed especially to meet operator requirements in the field: 



Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems are fully battery operated and offer a wireless operation mode. All system components are packed into a single case or backpack.


Highest Image Quality
Images generated by Vidisco systems have a dynamic range of 14-16 bit, high resolution and excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and CNR (Contrast-to-Noise Ratio). Even small details can be detected using advanced software features.


Advanced Technology

Vidisco has over two decades of experience in developing leading portable X-ray technologies. Unique cables enabling data and power down the line, advanced panels and proprietary software are all integrated into the different products and accessories.


All Vidisco’s systems are remotely controlled from a safe distance, allowing a single approach down range. Advanced flat panel technology enables the use of low doses and short exposure time per image, improving operator safety.


Instant Imaging

X-ray images are immediately available on screen, allowing instant analysis and saving critical time and money. Quick set up and short exposure time expedite the imaging process.


User Friendly Operation

All Vidisco systems are developed to offer the operator maximum convenience during the inspection process. Different panels are interchangeable (plug & play) and integrate with various accessories. Unique software includes easy to use features and enhancement tools.


Field Design

The rugged case and backpack serve as an operational platform, while all system components function under extreme weather and field conditions. The thin panels offer an imaging area with minimal dead space from the edge and fit into tight spots.



  • Portability: Vidisco’s x-ray systems are packed into a single case or backpack.
  • Highest Image Quality: Vidisco systems produce exceptional, high quality x-ray images.
  • Advanced Technology: Vidisco has over two decades of experience in developing unique X-ray capabilities.
  • Safety: Using Vidisco’s systems, only one approach to the suspect object is required in order to receive an X-ray image.
  • Instant Imaging: With Vidisco’s systems, X-ray images are available on screen within seconds.
  • User Friendly Operation: Interchangeable panels, various accessories and sophisticated software are available.
  • Field Design: System components are packed in a single rugged case or backpack, designed for field use.





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