Alon Guttel

Mr. Alon Guttel brings more than twenty years of executive management experience in both the Israeli defense and civilian industries. After serving for fourteen years as an officer in the Armored Corps of IDF, he began his career as VP of R&D and business development in the military industry and continued his journey as CEO in Carmor vehicles solutions.

Alon has an M.E in Engineering, Design and Production and a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, both from the Technion institution.

Alon Flieder
Mr. Alon Flieder started out as a Projects Leader in the R&D group of the Medical Imaging Innovation Laboratory at the Samsung Research Center and participated in developing imaging panels.     


Alon has a BSc in Physics and Mathematics, and a Masters in Applied Physics with specialization in microelectronics; his thesis focused on the physics of nuclear radiation detectors.
Alon actively serves in the IDF Border Police reserve unit.
Alon Feldman

Mr. Alon Feldman brings extensive sales experience to Vidisco. Prior to joining the company, he served as Director of International Sales at EarlySense. Alon previously served in commercial operations and marketing roles at General Electric and Philips.

Alon has a BA in Civil Engineering from Universidad Javeriana, in Bogota, Colombia.




Ms. Tali Brand is Vidisco’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for financial strategy and execution.
Previously, she was a Director at PwC Israel Tax Practice (a Big 4 firm), established and led its Global Incentives Department, which specializes in tax benefits and grants received from the Israel Innovation Authority (Previously “Israel Office of Chief Scientist”).


Tali holds a BA in Accounting and Economics (cum laude) and an MBA from the University of Haifa. Tali is a certified public accountant and a certified senior payroll administrator according to the Israel Auditors' Council.

Mr. Gilad Barid is Vidisco's VP of Operations, responsible for purchasing, logistics, production, and quality control. Mr. Barid was the supply chain manager at the Heliofocus startup, before arriving at Vidisco. Gilad handled more than 100 vendors and subcontractors around the world and oversaw millions of dollars' worth of contracts.

Gilad has a BEd in English and education, Achva Academic College. Gilad served as an aircraft mechanic instructor in the IDF air force.

Ms. Shira Ragosin is Vidisco's Sales Operations Manager. Shira is responsible for the execution of all sales and special projects and works closely with the Marketing, R&D, Operations, and Finance departments. Shira also manages the Sales back-office team. With over 12 years of experience in Vidisco's Sales & Marketing department, it is her daily goal to improve Vidisco products and processes.

Shira has a BA in Human Services and Sociology from the University of Haifa. Shira was an officer in the IDF, serving as a Commander at a basic training base.