Depend on advanced digital X-ray solutions that are certified to the highest standards and backed by an expert team that fully understands your challenges and needs.


Since day one back in 1988, Vidisco has dedicated all its resources to developing, producing and supporting advanced portable X-ray solutions for demanding field applications.


Save time and effort through every phase of inspection, and beyond, with solutions that deliver outstanding quality, long-lasting performance and high versatility.

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    AUSA 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo is Today! Join security & military industry leaders from across the world > Share
    We are proud to announce that the United States Air Force has selected Vidisco USA to supply over 300 Guardian 12” X-Ray systems. This $27 million USD contract follows a similar one signed in 2019 with the United States Marine Corps, recognizing the quality and versatility of our products, and positioning Vidisco as one of the largest X-ray suppliers for the United States Department of Defense! View the official press release in ourm Linkedin page. Share

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    IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE (IED) DETECTION When it comes to bomb detection, IEDs are notoriously difficult to identify. They can range in terms of size and appearance, and can be made from a range of components, limited only by the imagination and creativity of the person putting the bomb together. In the field of EOD, detecting and identifying these bombs presents a significant challenge. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of IED, and discover how Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems present an ideal solution for the rapid and safe detection of IEDs. Share
    USING DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY FOR PIPE INSPECTION Inspecta have been using the Vidisco solutions for many years for HDPE Inspection. Read how and why they do it with the Vidisco's large imager system. Share
    IED X-RAY DETECTION HELPS FIGHT BACK The rise of ISIS in 2013 turned terror into a global threat. The nature of the terror acts became more complex. Until recently, the threat of one bomb in a crowded street or a car bomb was the main concern, but today terror cells carry out combined attacks involving multiple locations, while using several methods. Share