Complete BoltX Systems Now Weighs Less than 15 Kilos Based on Vidisco’s Breakthrough Backpack Innovation


Vidisco is launching a brand new backpack for the BoltX system that weighs half the weight of the FlashX system backpack configuration


At Vidisco we pride ourselves on designing our systems according to input from our customers who are using our equipment in the field. We like to listen and try to implement the feedback in order to provide the best possible products. For this reason we have been working diligently on making our systems even lighter and more compact.


Recently, we challenged ourselves yet again and attempted to make a the BoltX backpack configuration weigh less than 15 kilos. This challenge was met and completed successfully! The brand new BoltX backpack configuration has several unique features. It is incredibly light and has specially engineered weight distribution for ultimate comfort. There is now more weight placed higher up so there is no “pull down” - the 15 kilos are evenly divided and produce no pressure on the lower back.


The BoltX backpack configuration also comes with a special 30 m cable (instead of the 40 m that come in the BoltX case) and with an ultra-compact laptop with a sun-readable touch screen. The backpack is designed to fit the XR-150 X-ray source which is about half the weight of the XRS-3. And the new design of the backpack features improved casing for wires.

boltX new lightweight backpack BoltX spread downrange with backpack

Even though the backpack is compact, it fits everything you might need for the BoltX  system including: the BoltX imager, XR-150 X-ray source, Panasonic CF19 small laptop, 30 m cable, ICU-X and an interface box. The accessories area of the backpack also fits the XR-DE Plus module, the WXR and WiFiX wireless solutions, the BoltX adaptor (which allows you to operate the system without the ICU), an X-ray cable (for Golden), the BoltX imager cable and the BoltX imager holder.

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