Munitions Inspection Using Portable DR


Munitions X-ray inspection is conducted in 4 main locations: quality control (QC) during production, maintenance (Product Life), inspection of unexploded ordinances (UXO) for dismantling and reverse engineering. In this line of NDT, accuracy and image quality is the utmost importance as if defects of any sort are present but not discovered, lives could be at stake.


Portable X-Ray

Vidisco’s digital X-ray inspection systems are ideal for munitions inspections. With instantaneous high-resolution images, inspectors can identify even the slightest of cracks, air bubbles and integrity of fuses so accidental explosions can be avoided.  Vidisco’s proprietary software also makes it easy to record results in the system database, enabling easy retrieval study and comparison of different activities.

Munitions Testing with Portable X-Ray
Munitions Quality Control with Portable DR


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